Onmacabim VC Series


Vitamin C based range for normal and dry skin with antiaging effects. This range of products includes Vitamin C, obtained from Etrog (Citron) flowers. Etrog (Citrus medica) is rich in Vitamin C. It exerts an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effect. It improves blood vessels elasticity, stimulates collagen production, regenerates skin, activates blood microcirculation, provides SPF protection, whitens and strengthens the tissues.

Products in this range take part in metabolism regulation, skin regeneration, collagen and elastane synthesis, reduce melanin production. They raise the adaptive qualities of the skin, allowing it to withstand the stress factors of the outside environment, strengthen immunity, reduce and prevent the appearance of photo-induced and biological aging.


Nourishing Skin Mask Vitamin С


Moisturizing Cream Vitamin С SPF-15


OnMacabim Vitamin С Serum


OnMacabim Lifting Cream Vitamin С SPF-15


OnMacabim Cleansing Gel with Active Vitamin Complex SPF-12