The Jem of judean desert

The Judean Desert is a unique region on the coast of the Dead Sea. Herbs growing in the region have been known for their healing properties for more than two thousand years. The harsh climatic conditions of the desert force the plants to accumulate and retain a large number of useful components. In ancient manuscripts, one can often find descriptions of various uses of the herbs of the Judean desert for the treatment of various diseases. The ONmacabim Research Center has created a unique technology for the extraction and processing of medicinal herbs of the Judean desert based on the rich experience of the ancient peoples of the Middle East.

DM - Series for oily and problem skin


NR - Series for normal, dry and sensitive skin


VC - Series for normal and dry skin



PR - Parsley-based and pigmentation prevention series.


OXYGEN - Intensively Moisturizing Series


Neutrazen - Series for peptide therapy


PA - Alginate Mask Series