Peptide Series


 Neutrazen range cosmetics are created with the use of unique nanocomponents, molecules that allow us to create products which are able to penetrate the deepest epidermal layers of the skin and restore the disrupted mechanisms of skin renewal. Neutrazen allows for the age-related changes to be masked. The range contains peptide complexes, fruit acids and retinol. When using Neutrazen products, the skin activates the synthesis of compounds that have been previously lacking. Peptide complexes are capable of passing information through to the cells, to restart the regeneration processes, which allows for the lifting effect to occur and for the tissues to regenerate.

The acids restore the cells carefully, but efficiently, by removing the thick dead layer of the epidermis, and thus speeding up the metabolism processes, evening out the skin and masking the small irregularities. Due to their unique properties, nanocomponents (Vitamins A,E,C and others) are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and thereby maximize the activity of the peptides and acids, and counteract the consequences of the natural chronological ageing process. Unique qualities of the Neutrazen range: • Pronounced anti-ageing effect; • Stimulation of the fibroblasts, which causes them to produce collagen and elastin fibres, thereby strengthening the facial structures;
• Powerful lifting effect
• Extending the youth of the skin, combating wrinkles and signs of gravity ptosis (sagging).
• Tightening of the skin and creating a healthy facial complexion.
• Powerful non-invasive lifting effect of the face, neck and upper chest area.