The most important property of alginate masks is their ability to enhance the action and increase the flow of active substances into the deep layers of the skin of serums applied under the alginate mask. Therefore, the choice of a certain directional serum to a large extent will determine the final result of the procedure, for example, moisturizing or anti-wrinkle serum will respectively increase the effectiveness of a moisturizing or lifting procedure using an alginate mask. Alginate masks can be the final stage of procedures such as mesotherapy, photo rejuvenation and other purposes to eliminate skin irritation. They also have good draining properties, accelerate the purification of wounds, significantly reduce swelling. It has a moisturizing effect, tightens the skin, improves the blood circulation, smoothes mimic wrinkles, cools and refreshes the skin, has a lifting effect, has anti-inflammatory effect, narrows enlarged pores, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen supply.