The Murad Story

Murad skincare products were among the first clinically proven to achieve significant measurable anti-aging results without surgery. Awarded 19 patents for his skincare breakthroughs, Dr. Murad’s skincare line was:

  • Among the first to use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), the game-changing anti-aging ingredient
  • First to treat the underlying connection between skincare, healthcare and hydration – leading to the first products to help the cells retain water (RepleniCell).
  • Pioneering identification of three distinct types of aging—environmental, genetic, and hormonal—and treatments for each type
  • First to introduce the medical spa—combining science-backed treatments with Inclusive Health® stress relief
  • “Dr. Murad has literally changed the face of professional skincare. His integration of science-based concepts with the reorganization of holistic care of the skin is a true innovation. Dr. Murad’s philosophy of ‘not treating skin problems, but treating people with skin problems’ supports his belief that ‘skin care is health care.'” ―Mark Lees, PhD, Chair, The Esthetics Manufacturers and Distributors Alliance of the American Beauty Association

Did you know Murad skincare ?

Dr Howard Murad is described by VOGUE magazine as one of America’s best dermatologists. Having pioneered scientific treatment concepts, he created smart, simple skincare programs to tackle every issue from hyper-sensitivity to wrinkles and acne. Dr Murad’s philosophy has always been about inclusive health, encouraging a holistic approach to health and skincare. His products nourish the skin with what is truly needs to get it looking its best.

First to Introduce the World to Internal Skincare


Understanding that healthy skin comes from the inside out, Dr. Murad not only developed supplements designed to repair and protect skin cells, he was also:

  • First to identify cellular hydration—The Water Principle—as key to skin and overall wellness
  • First to protect, repair, and restore skin from the inside out
  • Creator of patented “youth-building” internal skincare supplements
  • Expanded “internal skincare” to include mental and emotional wellness
  • Try your healthy skin session with Murad Skincare today