Rejuvenating and Anti Aging Facials

We offer a wide range of facials to treat various skin conditions and concerns. Life is stressful, and that stress can leave marks on your skin. With this service, we will hydrate and remove impurities to return your skin to a healthy glow.  We will help to breathe a new life into your skin with our facial treatments .


Professional Peel Treatments

Is your face starting to look older than you feel? Try our chemical peels - are one of the best-known non-surgical cosmetic procedures available. These facials can be used to transform blotchy and/or sun-damaged skin, and to reduce blemishes like fine lines, scars and age spots, while providing an overall more radiant and younger-looking appearance. Let your old skin cells go to reveal a glowing new you



Enjoy a session of stress relief. Let us ease your body aches and relieve some of your life's stress. Book your massage treatment today. Some massages will incorporate oils to enhance the experience of relaxation and promote well being.   


LED Skin Therapy

LED therapy, or light therapy, is based on the ability of the skin to absorb light and convert it into energy. This energy, in turn, causes certain reactions in the skin cells - it accelerates recovery processes, stimulates collagen production, increases elasticity, fights bacteria, evens out skin tone and removes toxins.


Advanced Skin Treatments


Get your skin a new life with Microdermabrasion procedure. Polish it with a soft and painless way to get rid of “dead” skin cells and stimulate its regeneration. In other words, microdermabrasion is a perfected facial mechanical peeling procedure. Or perhaps you would like to try our
Barophoresis - the latest procedure, the effectiveness is not inferior to mesotherapy.  A high concentration of peptides penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin has a powerful effect on muscles. The muscles of the face come in tone, and with them the oval of the face is tightened, wrinkles on the skin are smoothed. Also, the composition used has a stimulating effect on collagen synthesis, which leads to renewal and skin rejuvenation.

How about clear face, then come in for ultrasound cleansing, following the galvanic therapy with high concentration vitamins and  peptides infusion.


Eyelashes and Brows

We will help you to achieve your perfect brows and elegant lashes, no matter your routine.

We provide natural Henna tinting as well as traditional tinting for lashes and brows.

Facial Masks at AT THE BEAUTY BAR

Add on's & Upgrades

Get some more, enjoy this extra care and indulge your skin with high quality products - you deserve it. Reveal glowing, smooth and soft skin with our Add on's and Upgrades reclaim your best-looking skin. Using professional peels and face masks is a useful and very effective procedure. Face masks solve a number of problems, make the skin more beautiful, healthier, and most importantly, the effect is achieved almost instantly.